We supply IT services and computer repair to several firms in 8 surrounding counties and Austin. Some businesses only need an occasional computer repair. For these companies, we pay by the hour service determined by the particular service desired or supply a pay by the job. Other businesses need a complete IT department without having to pay the total price of having and keeping an IT section that is onsite. Whether you want the occasional computer repair or entire IT service, we have got you covered.


We supply IT services and computer repair to many individuals in the Metro area and Austin. Residential customers receive onsite computer repairs which mean your computer is fixed the same day that you just call us. There’s a tiny travel fee based on your distance from the center of Atlanta (view traveling costs under). Remember our services aren’t restricted to only computer repairs.

We bill for services and computer repairs

When you telephone us and tell us what computer issue you’re having or what service you need the technology on the phone can give you an overall approximation based o what you let them know. Nevertheless, that approximation isn’t a closing cost. Frequently we are told by customers what they believe is incorrect, and we find that it is is something other than what they believed. Because of this, we must get our technologies out to you to one to diagnose the issue before giving a closing cost to you. Nevertheless, if you determine to get the computer fixed or service done subsequently the diagnostic fee is waived, and you just pay the expense of the repair ( this will not apply in instances where the analyses need an extended number of time).

On-site Repairs

We offer services and remote computer repairs. This does need you to have internet access. Because it is do over the web, this service goes beyond Atlanta. This an excellent choice for our customers because it saves you cash. There isn’t any travel fee related to this service as well as because it conserves outside technology we pass those savings on to our customers. Registry repairs, driver issues, software installs, upgrade, virus removal, data recovery, file system malfunctions, browser difficulties and more can be done remotely. The procedure is entirely safe. There’s no danger to network or your computer. Remote computer repairs have become one of the more common methods to fix computers.

Computer components

You must cover the part and shipping up front via our website if your computer repair needs us to replace a component that we’ve got to buy. Our technology will have standard computer components with them. Nevertheless, specialty components will have to be purchased. If we’ve got purchase a part that is specific, then our technology must come back out to your place another time once the part arrives.

Data Recovery

We’re in the age of technology when nearly everything is saved digitally. Our images are digital memories of births, marriages, parties, holidays and more. The paper isn’t any longer the principal means for storing and saving important files. We use computers to keep banking advice, private memoirs, and legal documents among other things. Our data recovery service will recover your deleted files. It will not matter if the archive was deleted by mistake or by choice we can retrieve it. If a virus deleted the file, you might want our virus and spyware removal service to remove the virus before the file can be recovered. In some rare instances, there isn’t any method to get a backfile that is deleted. Data recovery is based on other variables on the state of the storage media.

We can supply an application that will automatically backup your information at scheduled. Take a look at our applications setups page to get it installed.